"Of all the news joints in all the world, you had to walk into mine!"

"Jump" Trailer starring Sybil Danning and Patrick Swayze ..... CLICK HERE

Sybil's Secret Scent
will arouse your senses
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Geoff Hunt interviews Sybil for his Daily Grindhouse magazine.
Geoff sent Sybil the WEREWOLF WOMEN OF THE SS, with Nicolas Cage Poster, created by a fan.

Click Here For Interview








I went to Hef’s Mid Summer Nights Party, Saturday and met up
with Terry Moore. She’s a great dame. Everyone had much
fun into the wee hours under the beautiful “Arabian Nights”
décor with Champagne and lamb. Thank you Hef, you did it
again with a new start!
Only the right woman deserves you!

Shout Factory released Battle Beyond the Stars Blu-ray on July 11th to commemorate the film's 30th anniversary. Sybil was there with John Saxon
to promote this Roger Corman Sci-Fi cult classic.

Click Here For Video Interview

Sybil & Linda Blair meet up with Regina Carpinelli, CEO
of CAMIKAZEEXPO.COM at the after party
for THE VAULT Gallery Exhibit for Iconic valuable
photographic collections in the world such as Marilyn Monroe.


Dear friend Chad Cherry,
Rock Band interviewed
Sybil . They're contemplating
doing a Music Video together.
Yes, CC the world, your fans
are ready for it. Sybil & CC
Rock On!

The Devil Inside:
Sybil Danning – interview
with Chad Cherry








Sybil & Tipi Hedren ON the "WOMEN OF HORROR"
panel at the WEEKEND OF HORRORS Show in LA,
May 2011
It was great meeting up at the Directors Guild Hollywood with Ernie Borgnine, with whom I did THE PRINCE AND THE PAUPER.
Ernie did THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE with Ronald Neame. The British Academy of Film invited me to celebrate the
100th Year Birth Day Celebration Gala for Director Ronald Neame with whom I did 2 movies -THE ODESSA FILE with
Jon Voight and METEOR with Sean Connery.




BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS, one of the Sci-Fi classics of all times and
Sci-Fi version of another classic, Akira Kurosawa's SEVEN SAMURAI, has
garnered many fans worldwide, including the UK and #1 UK Movie Magazine EMPIRE in its March 2011 issue.







Meeting Jane Russel was an amazing experience.
She truely was absolutely breathtakingly
beautiful to her last breath. I'm sorry I missed
asking her to give me that incredible bra that
Howard Hughes had specially made
for her in THE OUTLAW.
RIP Jane, we love you.









Sybil and long year friend Barbara Luna with the soon to be
Mrs. Hugh Hefner, Crystal Harris, at Hef's New Years Eve 2011
party at the Mansion in Los Angeles.

Sybil as "Danita Herrington: in VIRUS X "
released by Lions Gate February 1, 2011


Sybil on PodCast
Hear all about it!

Click here!

Sybil Danning..."We Need a Hero" Music Video
Thank you Aaron Waters,
Love you too.




HAPPY HOT HOLIDAYS to all my fans and all the men and women
in the Military.
Our prayers go out to you and
may you come home safe and sound, soon.
May 2011 bring everyone, love, work, security and good health!
Love always,

H1N1 VIRUS X Thriller opening through Sam Raimi's
Grindstone/Lionsgate release, February, 2011

H1N1 VIRUS X - Thriller - H1N1 VIRUS X-Thriller - Interview with Sybil



Sybil as LAPD turned Bounty Hunter,
RUGER in "Bullet from a Gun",
in development as Video Game






Tony Curtis "Leaving Las Vegas Forever" September 29, 2010. RIP
Tony and I, November 08 at book signing for his
Tony Curtis - Autobiography.

Dear Tony, a toast to you, your life of love,
and your love of life - forever and always - Sybil







I knew Dennis Hopper before, but Dennis and I had a lot of fun
in Mexico while I was filming the movie JUNGLE WARRIORS.
We shared beer, tequila, and great conversation.

The photo of Dennis and I is from a Gallery Exhibition of
Dennis' Artwork in Santa Monica, California.

Rest in Peace Dennis. You're in our hearts forever.


Ronald Neame, director of METEOR dies.

I was the skiing girl to die in an avalanche in the Epic movie METEOR, starring Sean Connery. I went to the premiere in the same Limo with Henry Fonda and Karl Malden. Though I had no direct scenes with Sean Connery, I loved meeting him in person and told him he was the "James Bond" of all time.

Thank you Ronald for a great ride on METEOR.
May your passing be epic as your movies.

Congratulations Bode!
You're back with a vengeance
and back on top again!








"Why the 80’s were about Saturday morning cartoons, videogames and Sybil Danning"

Sybil Interview on
Critical Gamer

Click Here to read article.


Sybil Danning is
Goddess of Action

Interview in
Cult Goddess

Click Here
to read interview.


Sybil Rocks,
Sybil Rules,
Sybil Reigns,

to learn how you can purchase a
personalized collectors set of
these limited edition USPS stamps.



Bonnie & Clyde

Sybil as Bonnie
Dylan Vox as Clyde

Sybil & Dylan co-star in the TV Series THE LAIR and soon to be released Horror-Thriller H1N1 VIRUS X

Photo by Dan Santoni, exhibition now until Dec.05-09
Rebecca Molayem Gallery
306 N. Robertson Blvd.
West Hollywood, Ca


You wanted it, you got it
Double Trouble - Double Feature
Collector’s Edition!
Come and get it

Both personalized plus
personalized photos from both movies!

For more info, go to my DVD PAGE

Today September 14, 2009, Patrick Swayze died. It was an honor to have worked with Patrick in what would be his last movie, JUMP. He was as charming, sexy, intelligent, and sensitive as we all have come to know him. He was a great dancer and a great fighter who fought his terrible disease with rigor and dignity. May you now rest in peace Patrick.

On September 20, Sybil
and Tyler Mane (the monster
in Halloween) did an interview
with the Maximum Threshold
radio show. Sybil talked about her
fasinating past, her exciting present,
and her ambitious goals for the future.


Click here to listen
to their interviews




On the red carpet at the Halloween II Premiere,I too am a member of the HALLOWEEN family.

With my gorgeous Halloween hotties.
The party at hot spot MOOD in Hollywood
blasted into the wee hours.



“Desolation Holiday,”
is a photography gallery event on July 18, featuring great works by artists such as Dan Santoni who recently did a shoot with Sybil Danning.

For more info, click on the pic.

On June 18, Sybil joined Rich Gould and
Andy Strickland on KFNS Radio in St Louis on a fun
segment called "Celebrity Phone-In" where the hosts must
guess the identity of the celebrity who is calling in.

Y ou may listen to the show in their archives.

Click Here

and scroll the audio player to"Celebrity Phone In, 6-18"


SYBIL DANNING stars with PATRICK SWAYZE in the movie JUMP with scenes of Sybil and Patrick featured in a documentary on Patrick in:

TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY E Channel Wednesday, June 10th at 10PM Pacific Time


Click Here
for the
"On Set With Sybil" page.

Click Here to view Jump trailer

My Dear friend, David Carradine, 72 died today in Bangkok doing what he loved most, making a movie.

We've had many good laughs together and so

I will remember you. I/we all will miss you and you will be in our hearts forever

Rest in peace, gentle warrior.



By popular demand - here they are!
Go to "Memorabilia"-DVDs to get the ever popular,
classic horrific HOWLING II & scorching hot
with more to come soon!


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LAST SEEN: Alamo Drafthouse Ritz Theatre FOLKS SAY: Sybil Saddled up, rode into town - signed autographs, watched her movies, HOWLING II & CHAINED HEAT - did interviews, had a steak, couple beers and disappeared!

REWARD : $1Million

CLUES : Sybil lost her heart in the Lone Star State!

Sybil, here as star of HOWLING II, Queen of the Werewolves is BACK! "The Bitch is Back" in the #1 Sci-Fi/Horror/Fantasy Magazine in the UK, THE DARK SIDE, featuring her on four pages/cover of her last three movies: Tarantino's GRINDHOUSE (WEREWOLF WOMEN OF THE SS with Nic Cage), Rob Zombies's HALLOWEEN (with Maloclm McDowell) and the 1929 Drama set in Nazi Austria, JUMP with Patrick Swayze.

READ ALL ABOUT IT! - Click here

See Sybil in Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN- Shoot/Wrap/Premiere, behind the scenes shots!
"Click Here"

Halloween photos in Memorabilia!
"Click here"

Happy haunting Halloween to all my fans from on set of Rob Zombie's Halloween!


"Click Here" to see HALLOWEEN interview


To all my fans:

Have a Marvelous
New Year 2009, Darling!

Yours truly,



May your hopes haunt you!

On set of Halloween with writer/director, Rob Zombie!

Click Here


Sybil receives the "Schreiberhaus Muenze Award" in Vienna. Sybil honored in Austria with country fellowmen Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maximillian Schell as the only woman actor/producer to have made an International career. Sybil was awarded this coin by a jury in the Arts, Culture, Culinary and Economics. Sybil also specializes in Austrian cooking!


Awards Dinner. Sybil was asked by Host of the Event, Leopold Huber, youngest son of this 200 year old prominent Wine Restaurant nestled in the Bel Air of Vienna, to share the ceremonial first cut in the carving of the "suckling pig"!



Sybil at the Halloween Premiere at the famous "Grauman's Chinese Theatre" August 23, 2007, in Hollywood.

Click here to see and hear her interview!

Watch as all hell breaks loose when Sybil and Paris Hilton meet up in jail!

<----Click Pic

Credit goes to April Winchell
for this one.







As one of the WEREWOLF WOMEN OF THE SS with Sheri Moon, in Rob Zombie, Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriquez's GRINDHOUSE! In Theaters, April 6/07

Click Here

James Brown, the ‘Godfather of Soul’, Dies at 73. Brown, my fun and crazy friend, died at 1:45 am today at Emory Crawford Long Hospital in Atlanta as a result of congestive heart failure caused by pneumonia. He was to play on New Year's Eve at B.B. King's nightclub in New York. James indelibly transformed 20th-century music and we will miss him! God Bless you, James!

RIP: 1938-2006 Gary Graver, dear friend and "delightful" Cinematographer, has died. He hi-lighted movies of Orson Wells, Fred Olen Ray and my, They're Playing With Fire - The Tomb - The Phantom Empire and L.A. Bounty. Here, Fred and I having fun, holding up Gary on the shoot of L. A. BOUNTY which I produced and stared in. Unfortunately, due to scheduling, Fred could not direct but he was able to break away to play a bad guy! We all love him. We will miss him! Here's lookin at you Gary, you'll shine in our hearts forever!

Click to go to my Gary Graver Memorial Page!


If naughty or nice -
Keep the Spice -
With love to all, especially our troops!
Come Home Soon!
Happy Holidays, Sybil Santa - Have a Hell of a Naughty New Year!

Sybil as "Stirba", Queen of the Werewolves in THE HOWLING II

Click photo for larger version.


Sybil celebrating at HORRORFIND SHOW- First the enormous theatrical, success, and now, the tremendous success worldwide of THE HOWLING II release on DVD for SONY/MGM

Click photo for magazine article.

We all mourn the death of Jack Palance! Let's cherish his great performances and remember his "one armed push up" at the Oscars! I had fun working with Jack on GOD"S GUN, and another great, Lee Van Cleef.
Happy Trails Jack!
Hot and Wild!
Sybil as Warrior Queen!
Artwork by renowned artist, Daniel Horne!
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Sybil as "Thief"! Comic Book Cover Artwork by reowned Artist, Johnny Atomic!
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Sybil's Secret Scent will arouse your senses soon!
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Francis & his daughter Sofia as a young girl.





Sofia now! Director/writer of LOST IN TRANSLATION!



Francis Ford Coppola & I at his Napa Valley Vineyard









David Cassidy and I in Austria at the 50th birthday of the movie "Casablanca." After his show FX in Vegas, he is now doing Bobby Darin in "The Rat Pack is Back" at the Super Club in New York

ISRAEL HAS SECRET PLAN TO BOMB IRAN: Israel has drawn up secret plans for a combined air and ground attack on targets in Iran if diplomacy fails to halt the Iranian nuclear program, according to a published report. The inner Cabinet of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon gave "initial authorization" for an attack at a private meeting last month at his Negev Desert ranch, the Sunday Times of London reported today. Israeli forces have used a mock-up of Iran's Natanz uranium-enrichment plant in the desert to practice destroying it, according to the Times, which cited no sources.
Sybil in Sinai Desert
  Lana and I at a Garlic Festival in Los Angeles. She was my favorite Amazon in the Universal Studios movie “Amazon Women On The Moon.”
Actress Lana Clarkson Appeared in the Movie “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” which was just Honored by The Library of Congress. Retired music producer Phil Spector was arrested and indicted for the murder of Lana Clarkson almost three years ago. Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley claims the evidence of murder against Spector is overwhelming. The trial is scheduled to begin in April of 2006.

Danica Patrick
she was built for speed
yesterday as she zoomed her way into sports history with the strongest showing ever for a woman in the Indianapolis 500.

I love car racing. Visiting my fellow Austrian Ferrari expert, Niki Lauda at Long Beach, CA Formal I race.

  Eddie Albert, head
of the Company which owns Concorde played my husband in the Universal Studios Movie THE CONCORDE - AIRPORT '79, died yesterday. He was 99. We had many discussions and shared Environmental issues! May he rest in peace.
JAIL POPULATION SOARS: The United States' prison population swelled last year to 2.1 million -- with one in every 138 people in the nation doing time. U.S. prisons took in nearly 900 inmates per week -- 48,000 more for the year -- a 2.3 percent increase from 2003, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics.
  HORSES - OUTRAGE!!- Congress did away with a 34 year-old regulation banning the government from selling any of the 37,000 wild horses running free across America's western plains. Since the new rule was adopted, the Bureau of Land Management has sold over a thousand horses to private parties. At least 41 of them have been slaughtered and turned into dog food. Galloping into the winner's circle on this issue: Ford Motor Company, which recently stepped in at the last minute and saved 52 horses from being killed. Thanks FMC!
The House of Representatives will vote Thursday, May 19, on an amendment to ensure that no tax dollars are used for any sale of wild horses that could lead to their slaughter. Please ask your U.S. Representative to vote YES on the Rahall-Whitfield Interior Appropriations amendment. The vote is this Thursday, so please go to this link and take action today:

TOUGH DAYS: Recruiting is now the toughest job in the US Army; the service missed its April goal by 42 percent. It was the third month in a row the active-duty recruiting mission was not accomplished. The Army now allows recruits to sign up for 15 months rather than the usual four year enlistment.


President of Austria, Dr Heinz Fischer (left),

Mayor of Ried im Innkreis, Albert Ortig (middle),

Sybil Danning (right)









Official opening of the Rieder Country Fair in Austria on Sept. 6, 2005.



WE MISS YOU, JIMMY DEAN: Martin Sheen and Dennis Hopper among the celebrities planning to attend this year's James Dean Fest in Indiana June 3 through 5 to mark the 50th anniversary of the famed actor's death.


With my Porsche Speedster, the same Jimmy had his fatal accident with.



Chelsea Cooley, 21, the reigning Miss North Carolina, was crowned Miss USA
in the 54th annual pageant!


I won the Miss Adria (short for Adriatic Sea) Pageant in Italy without showing legs and without anyone knowing I was not Italian!



Director Philippe Mora and I of HOWLING II
(Just released by Sony on DVD)

In the final act of an historic Hollywood event, at noon Friday, April 8, 2005 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) ended its 81-year run as an independent studio. Seven months after a consortium of investors led by Sony paid $4.8 billion to acquire the Lion, the deal has officially closed!

Sean and I at MGM Studios during a break for the filming of our movie METEOR.


Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of Bavaria, Germany has been selected by the Roman Catholic church as the new pope. Cardinal Jorge Arturo Medina Estevez of Chile made the announcement to a cheering crowd in St. Peter's Square.


Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was born in Marktl am Inn, approximately 70 Km from my home, just over the Austrian border of Braunau and Simbach on the German side.


FUNERAL: A worldwide television audience of two billion people - believed to be the biggest ever - is expected to watch the Pope's funeral Friday, April 8th.

To all my fans & Troops overseas, especially, Iraq and Afghanistan and families: A heartfelt HAPPY 4th of July and may God Bless you all!.... Sybil



Iceland offers to take Bobby Fischer There is widespread support for Fischer in Iceland, where he played the Soviet Union's Boris Spassky in a world championship match in 1972.

Chess relaxes me, I love it!

  Sexy screen legend Sophia Loren is suing right-wing Italian politicians over unauthorized use of a still from "Two Women" (1960), which shows her being raped by Moroccan soldiers under the words, "Mai piu" (never again). Sophia and I cooling off after lunch in the pool of her Villa in Rome.  
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