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My Dear friends Siegfried and Roy are very happy
and planning to work together again soon.

When, exactly that will be, I should know soon.
Roy is making great progress and feeliing much better!

Dear friend Arnold and Governor of California has just signed a deal with the parent company of the National Enquirer, that makes him Editorial Director of the magazine "Muscle & Fittness"! Does he have his hands full - yes, can he handle this also, - he sure can!

Hef invited me again as every year to his Birthday Party! Normally, I would'nt miss it for the world. Unfortunately, you now know before I can even tell him that this year, due to a previous engagement, I cannot be there, although in "spirit", I will be. Ever since the 10 page Celebrity Layout and cover on Playboy, Hef has invited me to every Birthday, Mardi Gras, Summer, Haloween and New Years Party he has. He is a very loving, loyal friend! Cheers Hef - and please stick around for the next 50 years!!

I am extremely honored to be asked by Mr. Larry King to contribute to a Book he has written - entitled - "Remember Me When I Am Gone" - a collection of eulogies and obituaries. David Brinkley, David Copperfield, Jenny Craig, Ted Danson, Bob Dole, Michael D. Eisner, Art Garfunkel, Tommy Hilfiger, Billie Jean King, Stephen King, Calvin Klein, Rob Reiner, and Governor Ann Richards, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mariel Hemingway, Donald Trump and Ted Turner have also contributed! The release of the book will be this year! Stay in touch for the date! I was surprised when I was asked again - just last year, to contribute to another book by Bill Adler, tentatively titled "If I Knew Then What I Know Now": advice to College Graduates. From Well-Known Individuals From All Walks of Life. Bill Adler is also the author of four New York Times' best sellers. Introduction to the book will be written by Charles Osgood, anchor on CBS who was inducted into the Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame in 2000 and has received the highest accolades in broadcast journalism, including three Emmy Awards. I am honored to be asked to give advice to college graduates. Children are the future! Stay in touch for a release date!

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